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Cassio Milanelo

Skilled and self-motivated Dynamics 365 CE developer and Power Platform jack of all trades. Acknowledged for high productivity and enthusiasm. Slightly workaholic and coffee lover ☕

Model-drive app no longer accessible: “Cannot read property ‘libraryId’ of undefined”

This post will cover a recent problem I faced when accessing our main model-driven app. The issue affected our Sales Team Member app in the production environment, where I could no longer access the app regardless of the user’s access level. Two different error messages were being returned, depending on the user’s security permissions: First,… Read More »Model-drive app no longer accessible: “Cannot read property ‘libraryId’ of undefined”

Debugging the ribbon menu

If you ever worked with Ribbon Workbench, I’m sure you run into the situation where you don’t know which CRM Parameter you need, or why your Hide Actions are not working. Recently I was having one of those problems, and I’ve found this amazing solution that let you troubleshoot why your button is not behaving… Read More »Debugging the ribbon menu